We have closed the vintage business. It was fun for 12 years, but enough's enough!

This site will now be dedicated to the art work of Jane Hudson.

Born in New York City of artist parents, Jane Hudson has pursued the life of an artist through

rock music, video art, photography and painting as well as teaching artists for many years

at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Jane received an NEA for her work in Video, and showed large abstract paintings

in Boston at the Atlantic Gallery, Nielsen Gallery and Segal Gallery.

She is also a composer and musical performer.

For more info: officialjeffandjane.com (Jane page)
@antiquergirl on Instagram
facebook.com/Jane Hudson



Over the last two years, I have returned to painting. It was a passion of mine in the past,

and continues to fascinate me and give me joy. My interests lie in the

imaginative realm of early modernism, its 'thought forms', its geometry, it fabulous color. My media are

gouache and acrylic. I work within the size constraints of my studio. Generally in gouache on Arches

cold pressed paper at 16"x24" scale. Below you will find examples of recent work. Thanks for looking!

All prices are for unframed pieces. Please email me for inquiries.



Folds Insignia, gouache on Arches, 16"x24", 2018 $375.00


Desiring Machines, gouache on Arches, 16"x24", 2018 $375.00


Strange Attractor, gouache on Arches, 16"x24", 2018 $375.00


Machina, gouache on Arches, 16"x24", 2018 $375.00


Tears in the Fabric, gouache on Arches, 16"x24", 2018 $375.00


What Comes Thru, gouache on Arches, 16"x24", 2018 $375.00



Two Novas, gouache on Arches, 16"x24", 2017 $375.00 (sold)


Whirl, gouache on Arches, 16"x24", 2018